15 Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Website

15 Tips To Drive Traffic to Your Website

Many factors make blogs much better than standard WebPages, including the speed at which blogs are indexed, ability to submit to blog directories & standard directories, pings and trackbacks. All these little strategies can aid the driving of more traffic to your website. Here are 15 popular strategies you can use.

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1.) Create up to four keywords or more per posts daily. Many top blogs

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With the reality of tens of thousands of visitors a day, publish an average of 20 posts of about 100 to150 word posts a day according to “Secrets of the top listed Bloggers: Lots of Short Posts.

2.) Submit to Yahoo too. When you submit your RSS to “My Yahoo”, it will be indexed by Yahoo.

3.) Submit to Google. When you submit your blog RSS to GoogleReader, the Google Blog Search engine will index your content.

4.) Add an active links directory to your blog and trade links like a demon-possessed! Although it may take more time than merely submitting to a search engine one time, this method is really the best way to move up traffic to your blog. Use software such as Zeus to help speed up the link trading processes.

5.) Use ping sites like ping-o-Matic. Ping your website every single time you add another post.

6.) Submit your blog to traditional search engines like MSN and AltaVista

7.) Submit your blog to traditional directories like DMOZ. Lists mainly DMOZ increase your authority with Google search engine. DMOZ is very sensitive, but you do not have anything to lose by trying it out.

8.) Submit to as many RSS Directories. Include Search Engines as much as possible. This is a simple repetitive process that will be done with software like RSS

9.)Make sure you comment on other peoples blogs. Do not just leave short and shallow comments like “that is true” Leave well thought out response that will force readers to wonder and want to trace where you are coming from. They will eventually end up on your site as your follower and subscriber.

10.) Use trackbacks on the blog that you refer to or quote, and it is a highly outstanding and reference point to your subject, leave a trackback. It increases your link popularity and will even add a few readers who are interested from the site linked to.

11.) Go offline sometimes. Use newspaper advertisement system. Free bulletins billboards, business cards, even stickers to enable as many people to visit your blog.

12.) Ad links to your blog in your e-mail signature blocks.

13.) Use Groups (Usenet). Find a relevant group on Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any of the thousands of the FREE group services around and find people that think like you.

Make sure you use your website URL like it is your first pen

14.) Engage in forum discussions. Forums are one of the great places to go for professional ideas. Go to conferences and find problems to solve there or someone to help. Make sure you leave your blog name there. But be tactful about doing that. Some forums get very furious with those who selfishly drop a few links to their personal blog and go away.

15.) Tag your Tag your blog. Tagging is a new a fantastic strategy that has appeared across the internet.

These are some of the most recognised ways to drive traffic to your website. Do not limit your self to tips, points and lists only. Use your imagination, and you will discover thousands of ways to drive traffic to your blog.

In Summary

Building a blog and growing is a task. Commitment will take you there if you are ready to go all the way with it. If this post is useful to you then.

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