6 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online

6 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online

One of the best things to think about at this age and era is to setup a system that makes you money online. This is very important because the trend of our present world is getting digital so not having any form of platform that makes you money online means you are actually losing out.

If you are looking for ways to make money online without losing all your money trying to finding solution; then you are in the right place. There are lists of genuine ways to make money online that listed here with the basic reviews on how not to go about them so you don’t make costly mistakes with you money.

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1. Sell Personally Built Software

The use and the need of software now is an open market with the potential to make lot of money if it is in your area of interest to go into. Why your area of interest is important is because you will need the determination and willingness to go through the challenge of finding the right people who will help you find your way in that niche.

And again you must know that it is not a get rich quick scheme. But if you are able to go through the huddles, your family may continue to live on the benefit of that soft, making profit for a life time.

Another point is there are a lot of people moving into online business and almost all the offline business you may know are already registering their presence online. This is why several types of software are needed at this time. The great part of this is that; whatever you can imagine, if the detailed analysis is carried out confirming that it can work then it can be created. You cannot tell also to what extend that app is going to sell depending on how usable that product will be eventually. Just like music. So the market is open the competition is there but we have to beat it.

There different kind of software needed in the market will not be mention here and that is deliberate. So you can take on the assignment of engaging your thinking to make it happen. Whatever you can imagine is possible. Think possibility with your project, think competitiveness.

I decided to write almost all my content myself because I know I am unique and I also know that no matter how little my contribution is, I can make a great impact and even dominate the market. That is the winning mindset. Never allow any one talk you out of taking action because that is where the main impact and motivation is. Being able to take steps after reading; how much is made by developers of software yearly is not so important to mention. You can find that on google.com but go ahead and make research haven made up your mind on your course.

The make money online game is not business as usual seeing that there is a huge crowd going online so you need a serious commitment and upping of your game. The good news is, if you can do that then u will realize that it worth’s it after all.

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2. Create an eCommerce store and sell physical products.

This is also a good way to start online. Unlike blogging this is a bit expensive to run because you need a bigger space in the host server which requires you to pay more. You need a higher security because money transaction takes place directly on your site working with banking agency.

All these are possible and easy. The most important thing is choosing what you want to go for. One of the reasons why we had left the wealth on the internet for only few before now was because we were afraid of coding, we were afraid of scams and lots more. But at this time I don’t think you and I have choice.

We have to get in there and make it happen. Getting to know how to start an eCommerce store step by step, you can comment bellow so you can have live experienced people guide you through and also help from me as much as possible.

With your e commerce store you have benefits like buying at a low cost and selling with a reasonable profit ordering directly from the manufacturer

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3. You can setup an online course from your professional experience in any field

You can setup an online course from your professional field and run with it. There are lots and lots of people who are struggling in that field requiring your experience and your expertise. You may be amazed that this quality you had could make you so much money yet it had been dormant.

I wrote about a lady in one of my blogs on ways to make money online who is a free lancer who makes $200,000 annually just with freelance writing. It is almost impossible to believe but it is real. In her statement when asked, she even said she finds it hard to believe that someone can write as a freelance writer and not make at least $50,000 annually. Could it be that these opportunities have just been passing without you knowing it?

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4. Create a YouTube Channel To Make Money.

Create a YouTube channel and devout your time and commitment to make it grow. There challenge that many have is the lack of motivation probably because of environment, money limitation, fear, and so on. When you give your time to these little things you see, you will be amazed at what will come out of it.

The Monetization requirement benchmark is higher now but with determination and commitment you can beat it. With 1,000 subscribers on your channel you can automatically begin to make money on that platform

The types of content or video you can start with depend absolutely on you. It could be comedy, it could be cooking, and even some crazy emotional things as long as it delivers value. It could also be posting of other peoples videos. But there is a downside to this. Awareness is growing and people may want to report you or make claims because

probably you are beginning to make money with it. So you use the creative commons content in order to be free from those claims. But all the same you can make lots of money doing this online. Remember as I said earlier; in order to make real money online you will have o work. Get rich quick schemes are not in any of my recommended platforms for making money because they are really scams in disguise.

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5. Write for Bloggers


Write for bloggers not as a freelancer registered with anybody, but you can get to know them and work with them locally but online. With a defined agreement of how many content you could deliver daily. This can be done perfectly from the comfort of your home. How do you reach them?

Start by creating social media platforms and advertise yourself there also locate blogger forums and form there your journey becomes easy. There are less risks involved in this, since you are the writer.

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6. Handle Blog for Bloggers

There are lots and lots of people who handle blogging as a pert time income job. They are busy with their present employment and may need you to handle their blog. The SEO part of blogging is very important to every blogger. If you have authority in this are, you may be a great candidate for the market place.

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