Money Secrets in 2019

When it comes to Money and  business development; A big question comes to mind..

1. Money Secrets One: What Are My Chance of Winning as Opposed to Yours.


This is to say that, whenever you look at an opportunity, you need to define weather you have all the required resource to curb it in without losing out. Meaning that you have a duty to carry out lots of preparation and personal development on yourself before the opportunity shows up. So leaving ready is a requirement.

What are the things expected of me in order not to lose my opportunities or to (Presuppose leaving ready)

2. Giving Attention to Details

Giving attention to details means that you don’t ignore information because it is difficult to analyze. The difficulty in the information is the excitement in that information. Having an understanding that “if an information is difficult to sort out, it is an indication that such information is uncommon. And such information automatically puts you ahead of your peers in business if you can have access to it. Going extra mile to get information that others may call ignore-able or negligible puts you ahead in your field.

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3. Understand The Dynamics of market Place

Understanding the dynamics of the market place does not mean, being able to analyze market strategies without being able to implement them. This means that you have to engage a planner if you have to. This enables you to filter out all the hidden details of the market challenges. (This also means engaging a professional) Engaging professionals for sensitive activities is the attribute of a professional business person.

(Who is a professional business person?)

He is that person that is careful and skilled with sensitive business decisions, understanding that mistake made on business diction can bankrupt any business.

He understands the areas of the business that requires sensitive cost optimization and the other areas where cost cutting will affect value and quality. A professional understands the importance of valuable information and sensitive professional council.


4. Being Resourceful

This means that a person can improvise at all levels to keep the business afloat and running. Being resourceful also mean being able to look above the norm with employee hire, meaning that the best credentials may not be the best person for your company. It’s also all about taking ownership in the field.

5. Taking Advantage of the laziness of others

The natural human nature abhors stress and commitments most of the time people can only do but little especially those who are not the direct owner of a business in most cases.

You can do more by taking the lead for more learning. Budget for more information and knowledge, planning for both resource and the required time investment.  With one clear understanding that the mind that is stretched through knowledge once, does not return back to its original estate.


6. Define the Challenges within Your Space

Defining challenges within your space means identify the challenges you can handle and also striking out the once outside your work space. So with this, you are not going to be faced with any surprises. Adhere strictly with your professionally planned strategies for accomplishment


7. Eliminate Internal Fraudulent Activities

This is one area that many do not really give attention to. Eliminating internal fraudulent activities really means accuracy in your auditing.

Accuracy in stock taking

Maintaining integrity with your front line business employees. and this should be taken very seriously.

Because if you have lee credible employees that act incredibly unnoticed, they may eventually destroy the business by destroying the business reputation.

For this; it is always advised to not do business with those who have absolutely nothing to loose.


There are More Money Secret Tips That Make a Significant Impact in Business

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