How to Attain 10 Levels of Financial Independence

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The 10 Levels Of Financial Independence is a topic that everyone wants to talk about; especially those who are not afraid of money.

However, some are afraid to talk about money. This people only argue about money.

They also fight always about money. This could be with wives, their coworkers, their children and loved ones. This group of people do not talk about money. But we are going to be talking about financial independence here and right now. Why? We are different specie of people. We are those who are not afraid to talk about money. We may have fought here and there before now because of money. But at this time, we want to face reality squarely.

  1. You are Dependent On Others for Everything.

This a position where you are not able to do anything on your own. You need interpersonal relationship skills to always please bosses all around. You may need to also be careful always not to step on any one’s toes.

At this point, what you earn is far lower compared to what you spend, and you may not be able to be out of debt at this level. In this article, you are going to learn how to work your way from level to level 10 and be financially what every human being in the world want to be. Level 1 is where all of us started. You always need others to support you to meet your needs. You do not have any form of freedom at this point.

2. Solvency

At the solvency level, you have some degree of authority. You can meet your personal needs to solve some problems. You also have some degree of self-esteem, unlike level one with no self-esteem because of a continuing obligation on others to meet our needs. This category may operate from the employee platform to personal business and other things. The bottom line is that he has some level of authority, but can not control lots of situation. He cannot determine his pay rate, he can not assess his pay rise best apartment to live in etc.

3. Financial Stability

At this third level. These category of people are stable financially.

They are also able to take care of their needs and even some of the needs of others.

They also have some financial capacity like leftovers in the bank and in some other areas of economic investment areas.

4. Freedom from Employers

Freedom form employers as a previous employee are not what anyone free whats to go back into. At this point, a person is determined to stand firm. He is free from the assaults embarrassment. He is now a personally motivated man. He is no longer afraid of Monday mornings. He is a Man of his personal dreams. This man sees life differently. He is better confident a better person. His real inner beauty begins to come out. They probably step out of a high paying job to run a business or career that is more enjoyable.

5. Financial Security

This is the level where Your financial investment has grown to a capacity where you can pay your bills; And take care of your family as an individual. You can meet your daily survival needs from your investments. If you get fired at level 5, for instance, you will be okay to manage and go through without significant impacts on you or your family.

6. Financial Flexibility

This is the level where you have a large amount of money saved with capacity be sustained for some years from your personal finance

7. Financial Independence

This is where you have things running for you. If you retire at this point, you can still maintain your lifestyle without compromise and without fear.

8. Financial Freedom

This is the level where you can afford what you want, live in the apartment of your choice. And have control of your life and your time. Not too many people can attain this level in a lifetime.

9. Financial Abundance

This where your income flow is far more than you will ever need. at this point, you can become a source and help to so many other people, including employees

10 Financial Control

This is the level of control where you are part of decisions that govern and control territories.  You are a consultant with choices in the area of your expertise. For Instance, Donald Trump grew significant to the point where he was able to contest as a president of the United States of America; and he won because he had the capacity even though he was not a politician. That is what I am talking about.

Lets quickly talk about how we can get there.

  1. Speed up the process
  2. Work overtime
  3. Create a platform for investment
  4. Analyse the projection of your active working time
  5. Engage in High financial skill development
  6. Give it all it takes from an entrepreneur



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