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In a our subsequent talking as agricultural produce. So now, tomatoes sing. You can equally transform the plant into jam and ketchup, but we’ll stick with adhesive for today because it has the most comprehensive business in Nigeria

Nigeria imports over 70 million tonnes of processed tomato annually amounting to some N20billion. In other words, Africa’s l

prioritising tomato processing as one of the ways to encourage farmers and enhance agriculture.

The reason why the processing of tomato is such a lucrative business is that the product itself can expand during processing.

Tomato processing on a commercial scale is capital intensive.

It costs more than the average Nigerian can take on alone. But with the current economic and agriculture trends, it is still one of the most lucrative businesses one could embark on. Not to worry, I will give you suggestions on some ways you can raise money to start this business.

Image result for processing of tin tomatoes

Benefits of tomato processing

Processing tomato into a paste has many benefits. One of the critical advantages of tomato processing is that it reduces food wastage. You can store processed tomato for a longer time without fear of damaged products.

Setting up a tomato processing company translates into real money for tomatoes processing companies. Because value is added to the raw tomato.

You get more benefit for more extended time sales.

Tomato processing lowers the cost of tomatoes around the offseason. Because we lack proper storage facilities and excellent road networks, plants are often available during certain times and very scarce at some other period. Processing ensures availability of produce round the year, reducing scarcity.

Processed tomato is more natural

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Challenges of tomato production

Capital Intensive.

It doesn’t help that many of the vital tomato paste brands have such low quality that people get sceptical towards commercially processed food

Because of that, many people only use prepared tomato paste when there is not enough raw tomato to use. This drives up the cost of fresh tomatoes, defeating one of the essential goals of tomato processing in the first place.

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The challenge is that you face a hard time convincing people about the quality of your product. But once they are satisfied, you are set to fly.

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How to process tomato to paste

The following is a step by step guide to preparing tomato

Sorting them.

The first step is to sort the right type of raw tomatoes for processing. Getting the right species youre


Weighing your product is vital. The rationale of your preservative formula. This will also ensure that all the batches of processed tomatoes have actual dietary.

Cleaning them up

Clean with water


Blanching is also known as a pre-processing treatment is also very important. This helps remove the skin, seeds and offensive odour from the tomatoes before processing. Put the plants in boiling water for 5-7 minutes until the skin easily peels off. Peeling off the skin is essential


It is the process of cooking tomatoes to a pulp for commercial production. You can use a manual or motorised machine.

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Boiling, sieving, drying off the water

Boil the blended tomatoes and serve. This is to separate the pulp and the sea. Preventing bacteria growth in your finished product. You should increase the acid level of the tomatoes

to do that, you have to add lemon juice while boiling to reduce the degree to about 4.2 or 4.3

After sieving, you should slowly heat the tomato paste, while stirring to prevent burning until you get the tomato concentrate

Preservation and packaging

Just like any other processing business, packaging your processed product is key to a successful business. Be creative in your packaging system. The most popular materials used in packaging tomato paste are bottles, sachet and tins.

The method of packaging used would determine what preservation techniques are required to increase the shelf life the pasteurisation technique to preserve your product

Consult a nutritionist to help determine the right method of preservation for the packaging style of your choice

Image result for processing of tin tomatoes

Brand and market

There are many systems to brand and market your products especially significant.

Use every means necessary to publicise your product: magazines, newspaper, television and radio adverts, posters, handbills-whatever your budget can afford. A well-publicised business has a higher chance of succeeding.

Essential considerations for tomato processing business

Getting the right location

Choose a catchment area to make your publication. Choose the best place where your goods can be spotted easily. This will help you start well and get happy at the end of the day.



Tomato processing business is one of the firms that require registration for it to run. The reason is that you have to be licenced and monitored to avoid using incompetent employees or less quality product to endanger the lives of people through food.

This also protects your company from fraudsters; and those that may want to take advantage of your company. Certification required is is certified registered body.

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Buy useful equipment to get started. You must understand that Rome is not built in a day; You need to start from somewhere.
The most important thing is that your heart is involved in the process. and gradually, you will be there.


Business plan

For tomato processing, a business plan is an essential tool to determine your profit and your speed. Determining the number of employees and the kind of employee. Quality of equipment and other things. These go a long way to determine the long-term viability of the company.

Tomato processing challenges


Tomato Produce is a perishable commodity; Therefore, it requires a lot of care and careful carriage and preservation. The kind of vehicle used to convey them to the permanent location. The conservation of the products during transportation to avoid the effects of bacteria and fermentation and lots more to mention.

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The competition is high because some companies have a brand already;
They have dominated the market also. Those that are previously known are maintained by customers because they are durable.
This where you can come in. Hit the market with your quality, but a lower-priced product and everyone will come running after you. Some times business strategy requires that you do not look at making a profit for the beginning. But focus on building your brand and the integrity of your products.
In Conclusion
If you throw your heart across the bridge, your heart will follow. It is all about your determination and focus.