7 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

7 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

The 7 qualities and personal skills of a good entrepreneur

7 Qualities of a Good Entrepreneur in 2020


Many entrepreneurs believe that the most essential factor that will determine their success in creating and running a business is related to their overall experience and skills in their core business.

But in reality, the most successful entrepreneurs develop several personal skills that help them achieve their goals.

Here are the top 7 skills and personal qualities of an entrepreneur to succeed in business.

  1. Entrepreneurial quality: to be optimistic

Optimism is at the forefront of successful entrepreneurs.

Indeed, optimism helps entrepreneurs solve problems more effectively by focusing on solutions rather than issues.

Optimism also fosters creative thinking and the emergence of new ideas, produces a tendency to act, boosts self-confidence and perseverance, and helps to bounce back from failure.

How to cultivate your optimism?

  • Be accustomed to reasoning in terms of solution.
  • Look for perspectives and positive evidence.
  • Accept your mistakes, those of others and move on.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Encourage an open dialogue with people from all walks of life.
  1. Entrepreneurial Competence: Developing Your Strategic Vision

7 Qualities of a Good Entrepreneur in 2020

”  Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately embrace the vision and drive it to the end, ” said Jack Welch (former President of the General Electric Group).

One of the most essential qualities of an entrepreneur is to have a clear vision of:

  • type of business to build,
  • product to propose,
  • and the kind of customer to satisfy.

To have a clear and compelling entrepreneurial goal is to define a long-term strategy (at least 5 years) and stick to it.

How to realise your entrepreneurial vision?

  • Clearly define the purpose and direction of your business.
  • Display and reflect the unique strengths, culture and values of your business.
  • Inspire enthusiasm and commitment from the members of the company.
  • Challenge people to excel and reach out.



  1. Entrepreneurial competence: knowing how to take initiatives


The best leaders are proactive. They surely do not wait for someone else to tell them what to do. They take the initiative to find and solve problems, meet challenges and create new ones.

How to develop your sense of initiative?

  • Never stay idle – always look for innovative solutions and more effective approaches.
  • Do more than what is expected of you.
  • Express yourself and share your ideas.
  • Do some tests and simulations until you get there.
  • Take every opportunity.
  • Always be ready.
  • Make self-promotion.
  • Ask a lot of questions.


entrepreneurial Qualities

  1. Entrepreneurial quality: being responsible

Your role as an entrepreneur has responsibilities, and you must demonstrate your ability to take care of them daily.

You may also keep in mind your primary responsibilities as a leader in managing your business :

  • build a sustainable business,
  • develop the best products and services,
  • continually improve your business model,
  • etc.

How to assume your responsibilities as an entrepreneur?

  • Be courageous and aspire to positive change.
  • Engage in long-term thinking.
  • Communicate fluidly with your entourage: your teams, your customers, your suppliers …
  • Set up joint resolutions of problems.


  1. Entrepreneurial quality: being perseverant

The perseverance is REQUIRED if you search for entrepreneurial success.

What defines you is not the number of times you fall, but the way you recover. Failure is related to entrepreneurship because: ”  When people succeed, the party, but when they fail, they think. That’s why all great things come from failure. Tony Robbins, entrepreneur and best-selling author.

7 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

How to boost your perseverance?

  • Adopt patience.
  • Do not listen to your negative thoughts.
  • Overcome your weak personal resilience.
  • Do not lose focus on your “vision”.
  • Do not give up and let go!


  1. Entrepreneurial competence: daring to take risks

Risk-taking is an indispensable part of leadership. But taking risks without understanding the nuances of a challenge would be reckless.

How to succeed by taking risks?

Young star Entrepreneurs

  1. Entrepreneurial quality: being resilient

7 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur

The real strength of a leader is not his performance in good times, but rather the emotional intensity, courage and professionalism he shows in the most challenging moments.

For entrepreneurs, resilience is about rethinking how they view setbacks: learning to see them as catalysts for growth and progress rather than threats to avoid.

How to cultivate your resiliency capacity?

  • Take a step back, review your mistakes and analyse them calmly.
  • Take measured risks and try new ideas.
  • Take breaks: resilience sometimes means knowing when to stop for a better start.
  • Be open to particular letting go of things that do not work, and realise that letting go does not mean giving up.
  • Organise your daily tasks and projects around where you have the most impact.
  • Trust your inner wisdom.

The entrepreneurship is not made for everyone. The stress and hard work that accompanies it discourages many people.

If you want to be a successful project leader, follow these tips to adopt the right attitude.

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