How to Make Over 50,000 Making Soft Drinks

How to Make Over 50,000 Making Soft Drinks

A soft drink business is detailed here. After reading this post, you will get an idea of almost everything about soda soft drink business.

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Soft drinks are popular in India, And almost everybody loves drinking them. But many of the bottle cold drinks are costly compared to the soda one. The demand for cold soda drinks are more in the summer seasons. If you are thinking to start your own soda cold drink business, then you should always prepare before the season of the summer season.

The core investment in this business is the soda soft drink machine. After the soda soft drink machine, the next venture is raw materials which require producing the soft drinks

The requirement of soda soft drinks is here below.

Raw materials:

  • Gas Cylinder
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Flavours
  • Paper Cup Glass
Soda Soft Drink Machine and location

There are numerous types of Soda soft drink machines in the market. Mostly the tools are divided into tastes and juice parts like 10+2 means 10 soda flavours and 2 juice flavours, 8+2 mean 8 soda flavours and 2 juice flavours and so on. The price actually of machines is determined by the type and volume it could take. The eight and two soda machine cost approx 1.6 lakh rupee and so on.  You can check the actual price of the soda machine at Indianmart.com

Before purchasing the computer, don’t forget to ask if they are providing initial support and raw materials or not. Many companies offer original natural products for free and also assist you in installing the equipment.

The soda soft drink device can be put in place in two hundred square meters to four hundred square feet area which you can use for rent as well.

The highest selling soft drink glass cost five rupees or around ten rupees which means almost fifty or seventy per cent profit more.

If you can sell up to 500 glasses of 5 rupees, then you can make about 1250 rupees to 1400 rupees a day which is almost thirty-seven to forty per cent per month.

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The best area to set up a soda soft drink machines is around colleges, schools, malls, and some crowded places. Always try to set your business around a running domain. Little towns and province are the most targeted area for selling soda soft and cold drinks.

This is because they do not care much about branding and companies.


The consent mentioned above may be needed in some cases. It is always reasonable to get all relevant data before starting off this trade

In summary:  Soda cold drink production is a very profitable business idea for Indians. If you want to start your own brand with small to medium cape investment, then your soda soft drink business is excellent.

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