50 New Business Ideas In Nigeria


There are identified 50 new business ideas in Nigeria

If you are living in Nigeria and looking for business opportunity and ideas, then my friend, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss 50 best business ideas & possibility in Nigeria.

There are lots of business ideas & opportunity in Nigeria. All you have to do is figuring out your interest and a business idea according to it. Whether you are doing a job or unemployed, the list of 50 business ideas in Nigeria will definitely help you select your ideal business.

In this article of “50 best business ideas in Nigeria,” you will mostly find small business ideas which you can start with low capital investment.

50 Best Business Ideas & Opportunity in Nigeria 2019

1. Snacks Business

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Snacks making business is highly profitable in Nigeria. Starting a snacks business doesn’t require much capital investment. If you see, you can see many roadside snacks shops who are earning well with doing the business.

2. Fruit Juice Shop

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Starting juice business is another hot business idea for Nigerians. Nowadays, people are paying more attention to their eating habit. Nigerians are tending to buy healthy food items more than often. You can start a roadside fruit juice business with low capital investment.

3. Online Tutoring

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Online tutoring is getting more and more popular in Nigeria. If you have a specialty in any subject, you can start teaching online. Also, you can start making small courses in video format and upload them on the online platform. Once you get the popularity, you can monetize them and earn money.

4. Phone Repairing Service

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In Nigeria, the demand for phone repairing is increasing rapidly. Starting a small phone repairing shop, I highly recommended. Initially, you can just buy a toolkit and start repairing phones. Later you can open your own mobile phone repairing shop. Also, you can sell mobile items like earphones, charger, back cover, etc. to increase your income

5. Medical Store

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In Nigeria, a medical store is another hot business topic. If you have a pharmacist degree, you can directly start it. Otherwise starting a medical store in partnership isn’t a bad idea either. Starting the pharmacist store may require some documentation. Contacting a lawyer and getting all documentation done is highly recommended.

6. Printing Service

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Starting a printing business is another popular topic in Nigeria. The demand for quality printing is always high. You can start a printing business with low capital investment. Also, the profit in the printing business is quite high than other business ideas.

7. Catering Business

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The catering business is always on top in Nigeria. From small to big, any occasion requires a good catering service. You can start a catering business with low capital investment. If you can cook delicious food then good otherwise you may have to hire a good chief for cooking. Purchase a few kitchen tools, and you are ready to go!

8. Electrical Service

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Electrical service is another highly demanded business opportunity in Nigeria. Also, there are very few people who are doing this business. Starting an electrical service business in Nigeria will provide you a reasonable income.

9. Fast Food Joint

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In the busy life of Nigeria, people hardly get time to prepare their food. Also, cooking fast food is not that hard. If you are thinking to start a food-related business, then you should definitely try this. Starting a small food joint in Nigeria is highly profitable.

10. Vegetable Transport

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Starting a small transport business is highly recommended for Nigerians. All you have to do is purchase vegetables at cheap rate from farms and deliver them to the local market distributor. The demand for the transport business is always high. You can start a vegetable transport business with a small capital investment.

11. Car Washing Business

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Mobile car washing is another trendy business idea in Nigeria. Also, starting a mobile car washing business is a lot cheaper than a regular one. You can move freely to find your customer and sell your service.

12. Pest Control Business

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Not many are aware of the pest control business in Nigeria. You can start a pest control business in Nigeria with small capital investment. Starting a pest control business may require some certificates before you can provide your services. Do contact your local authority and get your paperwork done before getting any trouble.

13. Auto-Repair Service

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Auto-repairing services and parts shop is another trendy topic in Nigeria. If you have automobile skills, then you can repair them yourself. Otherwise, you have to hire a mechanic for it. Proper market research will give detail data on the demand and profit of this business in your locality.

14. Bakery Business

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Baked goodies are always loved by Nigerians. If you are good at preparing baked stuff, then you should definitely start a bakery. Cakes, buns, bread, cookies are the most popular baked food in Nigeria. You can sell them directly to the customer or sell them to the distributor in bulk. The bakery is always a highly profitable business idea.

15. Used Items Sell/Buy Service

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In Nigeria, you will have a huge opportunity for buying and selling used items. With a small capital investment, you can start this business. To start, you have to buy used items from people who are no longer using it or broken and then repair and sell it at a high price. This business requires time, energy, and proper marketing skills. You keep having to look for old goodies to boost your business.

16. Tutoring Service

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If you love reading, then you should start your teaching center. Starting a tutoring service doesn’t require much capital investment. Initially, you can start teaching from your home too and then expand it gradually. Good knowledge and communication skills are highly important to succeed in teaching business.

17. Maid & Baby Sitting Service

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Finding a good maid and babysitting service is sometimes hard. Starting a maid & babysitting agency is another great business opportunity in Nigeria. Also, this business doesn’t require much capital investment, and almost everyone can start it. If you are passionate about doing something, then the maid & babysitting business is highly recommended for you.

18. Party Planning Business

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Small parties to big weddings any occasion it’s just to have a party planner. A party planner is a person who arranges small to big things at a party like food arrangements, hall decoration, sitting arrangements, etc. If you think you have the capability of arranging things for occasions, then you can start this business.

19. Soap Making

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Soap making is another hot business idea for Nigerians. You can start soap making business with small capital investment. The business of soap making is proliferating in Nigeria. There are many types of soap you can make like dishwasher soap, cloth washing soap and bath soap, etc

20. Laundry Service

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In the busy life of Nigerians, starting a laundry service is highly profitable. In urban areas, people prefer laundry services because they hardly get time for washing their clothes. Starting a laundry service business in Nigeria is a highly profitable idea.

Agriculture Business Ideas in Nigeria

21. Poultry Farming

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Poultry farming, especially for eggs, is a highly profitable business idea in Nigeria. The demands of poultry eggs are very high in Nigeria as they eat them regularly. Initially, you can start with 50 chicks, and once you start getting the profit, you can expand it. I would recommend you to do market research and get some practical poultry farming experience beforehand.

22. Rice Farming Business

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About 90 percent of Nigerian eats rice daily. The popularity of rice in Nigerians is very high, and they can’t stay without it. If you start a rice farming business in Nigeria soon, you will be rich by selling rice.

23. Organic Farming

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Nigerians are giving mare attention to food, and they have discovered how important healthy living is.

This is why the demand for organic farming is very high.

Starting organic agriculture in Nigeria is a highly profitable business idea. Also, you can transport it to other states or around the world.

24. Fish Farming

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Fish farming is another hot business for Nigerians. Commercial fish farming is multiplying in Nigeria. An established fish farmer can earn up to 200 percent in a year. Before starting, I would advise you to learn the fish farming with the latest technology. Investing in the fish farming business without market research and practical knowledge is like diving in the middle of the sea without safety.

25. Goat Farming

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In Nigeria, commercial goat farming is multiplying. There are many reasons why goat farming is getting popular day by day. Starting a goat farming business in Nigeria is highly profitable, but proper markets analyze and learning the goat farming technique is very important.

26. Livestock Feed Production

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Livestock is significant in Nigerian farming. You can start the livestock farming business with small capital investment. Almost every farming industry is depended on quality livestock products. Proper marketing strategy is highly recommended to increase your product sales.

27. Florist Farming

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Starting florist farming is another hot business topic in Nigeria. The demand for a florist is rapidly growing. You can begin to increase florist in your backyard and make a good profit and then later expand it if you want to go further in the business.

28. Corn (Maize) Farming

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Nigerian atmosphere and soil are highly suitable for corn farming. Starting a corn farming business is highly profitable. With proper knowledge, you can begin growing corns within a half year. The versatility of grains is increasing its demand and price in the world market. If you see in the market, you will find that most of the products are made with corns.

29. Cocoa Farming

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Cocoa farming is one of the most essential exporting business opportunities in Nigeria. The climate of Nigeria is highly suitable for cocoa farming; thus, you should definitely start cocoa farming. If you don’t have capital investment for cocoa farming, you can simply begin to cocoa transportation business with small capital investment.

30. Palm Oil Farming

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One of the most returns giving companies in Nigeria. You can start a palm oil farming business with small to medium capital investment. In Nigeria, opening a palm oil industry is highly profitable as the environment is suitable for the company. Succeeding in the market requires time, so be patient and keep going.

31. Nut Farming & Processing

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The demand for cashew nuts is really high in the world. According to sources, Nigeria is currently the sixth-largest cashew production county in the world. Starting a cashew nut growing and processing unit it highly profitable.

32. Beans Farming

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Gradually the demand for beans farming is increasing in Nigeria. If you are living in Nigeria, then you should start growing beans. Proper market research and knowledge of agriculture are highly recommended before investing in beans farming business.

33. Rubber Farming

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Rubber production is another agricultural business idea in Nigeria. Most of the rubber production states in Nigeria are Delta, Ogun, and Abia, etc. Starting rubber production or rubber transportation business is highly profitable in Nigeria.

34. Soy Farming

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Starting soy farming is another small agricultural business ideas in Nigeria.  In Nigeria, you will see many small farms holder are doing soy farming. Likewise, you can also start a small soy farming business with little capital investment and then gradually expand your production.

35. Yam Farming

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Nigeria is by far, one of the most yam farming states in the country. About 70 to 75 percent of the world’s yam is produced by Nigeria.  The soil of Nigeria is perfectly suitable for yam farming. You can start a small yam farming business too.

Manufacturing Business Ideas in Nigeria

36. Tissue Paper Production

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Not all but there are a good number of peoples who use tissue paper. The demand for tissue paper is gradually increasing in Nigeria. Also, the tissue paper industry has little competition in Nigeria. Starting a tissue paper business is a highly profitable idea for Nigerians.

37. Juice Production

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In the hot summer days, nothing is more critical than chilled juice. Nowadays, people in Nigeria start loving fresh fruit juice instead of canned soda. Starting a juice production unit with a small investment is highly profitable.

38. Cassava Chips production

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Cassava is highly available in Nigeria, thus starting cassava chips making business is highly beneficial. Initially, you can begin to cassava chips making a business from your home with small manual machinery. Later, when your business starts growing, you can install semi-automatic or full automatic chips making the unit to increase your productivity.

39. Flour Production

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Flour is an essential food item for Nigerian. After rice flour is the most consumed food product in Nigeria. Mostly all baked items require good quality flour, thus starting a flour production unit in Nigeria is a profitable idea.

40. Furniture Production

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Designer furniture’s are always in trend in Nigeria. Opening a furniture manufacturing business is another small business idea for you. Selling designer wood furniture’s is straightforward in Nigeria.

41. Paper Bag Production


Image result for paper bag productionaper bags production is a low-cost capital business opportunity in Nigeria. There are many types of paper bags which you can produce.  Nowadays, you will find that many supermarkets are also using designer paper bags instead of plastic bags for reducing paper pollution.

42. Paint Manufacturing

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Starting a local paint manufacturing is another highly profitable business ideas in Nigeria. The demand for quality paints is increasing rapidly. Color plays a vital role in decorating our house, office, school, etc.

Without paint, it’s like a mug without coffee. Also, starting a paint manufacturing business doesn’t require huge capital investment. You can start it with small to medium capital investment.

43. Plastic Cup Manufacturing

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With a low capital investment, you can begin to a plastic cup manufacturing business in Nigeria. The profit margin in the plastic cup business is like 30%-40% average. Also, the machinery for plastic cup manufacturing doesn’t require much space.

44. Drinking Straw Manufacturing

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Drinking Straw manufacturing is another small business ideas in Nigeria. The demands of drinking straws are always high as they have multiple uses. With a small capital investment, you can set your straw manufacturing business.

45. Polythene Bag Production

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Another business opportunity in Nigeria is polythene bag production. Starting a polythene business with recycling items is highly useful, and it also saves the production cost. I would strongly recommend you begin a polythene bag production.

The demand for polythene bag is always high

46. Ice-Block Production

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Yes! Ice-block production is now a trendy business. Proper market research of the product is highly required before investing your money.

47. Water Bottle Production

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Drinking water bottle manufacturing is another business idea on our list. Almost everyone buys drinking bottles to drink. Though there are already many big companies doing the business you can start it as a small business too. Initially, it may hard to find a buyer as your company is new. Proper quality check is required before selling out the product.

48. Biscuit Production

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Manufacturing baked goodies like a biscuit is another low, competitive business opportunity in Nigeria. You can start a local biscuit manufacturing unit because you are the one who knows what your local people like to eat with a cup of coffee.

49. Gum Production

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With proper market research and product analyze, you can start your own gum production unit. Finding good quality gum in Nigeria is sometimes harder; that’s why you should consider starting a gum manufacturing unit in Nigeria.

50. Perfume Production

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The perfume manufacturing industry is vast to compete. But starting a small perfume manufacturing unit for locals is highly profitable. You can conduct research on what people like the most and provide them the same thing at a cheap rate. Gradually your company will inevitably arise.

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