5 Keys to Becoming a Millionaire

For you to become a millionaire you need to have some skills. What are this skills

  1. Learn and Master Management Skills

Management is one of the most important skills you need to become a millionaire. It means the ability and capacity to maintain, protect, preserve and reproduce. this is a strong skill that require lots of training. And sometime self disciple and personal dedication is highly recommended to achieve this goal

2. Millionaires Produce 

When you produce something, you automatically eliminate the traits of poverty; because the moment you produce something the ability to produce is created with one. that same ability can also produce another. the most important thing is the ability has been triggered. Poverty is simply the absence of self production. Poverty is not the lack of resources, it is the lack of productivity.

3. Millionaires Reproduce 

Every successful business that will thrive  must have mastered the ability to reproduce. This means a one time production is not good enough if you do not want to go into extinct. what you cannot reproduce will die.

4 They Distribute 

Inventory is a powerful requirement that all succeeding business owner must appreciate in order to enhance the advancement of the company. Accurate distribution of your commodities requires detailed inventory. this are also major factors to curbing internal fraudulent activities.

5. Millionaires Control the market 

This means monopoly. This is normal. It is called business strategy. Controlling the market with your capacity actually makes you proud as a millionaire and a good business strategist. Dominating the market should be the goal of every business man. If you don’t have such plan, i can say that you may not be ready for a real business. Your ultimate goal should be to dominate the market as a competent business man. Bill gate is a force to recon with in the world today because he dominated the market.


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